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Snail slime cosmetics

Natural snail slime is used in many types of beauty cosmetics and is an excellent anti-wrinkle, healing and anti-stretch mark agent. Improves the appearance of dry and dehydrated skin as it is regenerating, soothing and hydrating! Effective against blemishes and acne marks.

The after sun treatment is one of a kind and is a powerful regenerator of your skin cells after a long day in the sun.

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Snail slime! The best anti-wrinkle treatment

Very effective in anti-wrinkle treatment, as it stimulates collagen synthesis, due to the action of glycolic acid combined with elastin, mucopolysaccharides, vitamins and collagen. Healing: due to the combined effect of some substances, such as collagen, allantoin and vitamins. Anti-stretch marks: for the regenerating action of vitamins and proteins and the exfoliating action of glycolic acid.

Effective against spots and acne marks: thanks to the smoothing, exfoliating and purifying properties of glycolic acid, further enhanced by the soothing effect of the other components.

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